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I have uploaded this beautiful song at this beautiful time of year, so I can share the wonder that is life, with you. I hope that you too will feel inspired with the change in seasons just now, and whilst listening to this song which features in Forrest Gump and Practical Magic, I hope a sense of harmony will surround you and tickle all your senses.
It is my aim to bring the beauty of life into people’s homes in a variety of ways, as a ray of hope for those who feel encumbered by world events.
Please let me have your feedback so I know who I am ‘speaking’ to. It would be great to connect.
Thank you.

Love (Y)our Life!

Oh, did you get that? The title I mean? I thought it was kinda cute.

I decided that I would find a means to explain that it is my life as well as yours and that I’d love you to get that if you love YOUR life, I can love my life even more! The love spreads so perfectly!

It is a simple concept – and yet there is proof that it is not easy to do.

When we encounter challenges, we have choices. We can run away, we can face them, we can blame others, we can accept them as lessons, we can resist them – what is it that YOU do when you face a challenge?

Personally, I have many experiences of challenges and many reactions too! The decision that works best for me is to look at the ‘challenge’ as a gift. It has come to me so that I can learn from life. It is important to me that I continue with my learning throughout my lifetime, and so when something looks like it might take me on a ‘difficult journey’, I simply hop on board and face it, asking “What will it bring, once the lesson has been learned?” I will get the answer and I will know what I must do. There is no fear present here, simply acceptance. Trust the moment. Trust your own intuition to answer your plea for help. Engage with your life. You will feel calm and peaceful. Do remember to carry out the activity you have been asked to do. Then your challenge will cease.

Try this now, with any challenge you have. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel?

Loving this life, creates peace in your mind and in your heart. The two places you are able to access through becoming present to your intuition.

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See you somewhere soon.

Lots of love and my signature HUGE hugs,



Awareness is your KEY!

How does change happen? What is the catalyst to change?

Here’s one answer – AWARENESS!

Sometimes, there is this niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right! Do you know what I mean? It’s a feeling that can be very uncomfortable and can bring your happy mood right down to rock bottom.

The moment this feeling presents itself, what is the reaction? Sometimes despair, sometimes fear and for many, it’s depression!

It doesn’t have to be this way though – this feeling is an indication of impending change or enlightenment – or both!

It’s to be CELEBRATED!

And, when your mood dips in this way, it’s simply a time for questions…..

  • “What is it that I need to know about myself today?”
  • What am I about to learn?
  • what can I do to be at peace with this mood?

THEN, it’s simply a matter of listening to the answers. They come by way of messages that are thoughts to help you with your dilemmas, challenges, and also defining your opportunities. Sometimes it can be tough making decisions!

Awareness is also something you can experience at every moment of every day if you choose.

Eckhart Tolle discusses the Power of NOW in his books and it is by using the present moment to become aware of all that’s around us, that enables us to fully appreciate our lives and be grateful for what we have. It’s amazing just what we take for granted!

Awareness provides us with food for thought. It is our KEY to change, our faith in the unknown and the management of our growth.

Be aware and the possibilities are endless!

Til next time, huge virtual hugs.

Andrea. x